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Grove Advanced Imaging

November 18, 2015

I came in at 3:30 for an ultrasound. The lobby was full of patients waiting to be assisted. I observed Carina interact with many of the patients (most who were not so happy with the wait time) and she never changed her calm disposition. She stayed very attentive and helpful – explained in details why the wait time was more than they expected and continued to smile throughout. She was so pleasing that I witnessed it changing the demeanor of the person complaining. She’s awesome.

Then it was my turn. I went into the ultrasound room with a very friendly bubbly tech (Sam) she was quick to point out that she felt my need for ultrasound on more than the issue the Doctor requested. She suggested the front desk call my doctor’s office to ask for a new order. We aited about 30 minutes until all the info needed was received. She is very patient, helpful and welcoming – and I felt comfortable knowing she had my best interest at heart.



Breast Care and Imaging Center of Grove

October 26, 2015

A brief comment about the Tech, Kim. I was sooooo nervous about my mammogram today, bc 10 months I had breast aug surgery for an incapsulation, and severe rupture of my subglandular silicone implants…so far, no problems, and didn’t want any either!! lol….she was soooo gentle, and comforting that, it was a breeze, and as pleasurable, as a mammogram could possibly be-lol……just wanted you to know, how relieved I was, and how much I appreciate her professionalism… thank you Kim-hope I get you next time, I need a mammogram too………thank you


Breast Care and Imaging Center of Grove

September 14, 2015

I had an awesome experience today at the Breast Care Imaging Center. The check in was easy and organized and I actually had 4 exams today. The appt. set up was really helpful. I am so impressed with the attention I received today. Very clean facility and the technicians were totally friendly and comforting and all totally on time. I am very grateful to the staff for making this visit totally organized and easy!

Thank You!

Radiology Patient Review | Breast Care Imaging Center

Grove Advanced Imaging

September 4, 2015

The office staff was impressive. This staff was clean, smiling, professional + polished.

1) The appointment scheduling staff: You could hear a smile in the voice. I was stressed due to all construction to drive thru to get arrive here. Very confusing, yet she went the extra step and forward me call to Corona location for diresctions. I didn’t ask, she offered. Good training & experience.

2) Front desk: great appearance, uniforms clean + smiles. Good advertisement. No sounds of disdain in voice. Maintained eye contact. These 2 seemed as if they enkoyed being here. Thank you for a good experience (First time appointment.) there was no bickering. Very pleasant.

3) Technologist Dana of ultrasound department: Omg. Very Professional. Not a problem being there with a patient who had questions, worries, or requests. Very important when the prior office (Riverside) or doctor didn’t respond to my primary care physician reports inquiries. Also, Dana understood + really listened to the botched responses from Riverside location. Great staff I will request this office from now on + recommend it to my P. Care MD as well as others having ultrasounds etc.

Overall awesome. Thanks.


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