The Breast Care & Imaging Center of Grove now offers breast MRI-guided biopsies to patients who live or work near Rancho Cucamonga. Breast MRI can be a valuable tool in the early detection of breast cancer. In addition to producing detailed visualizations of potential breast abnormalities, breast MRI also enables image-guided biopsy to improve breast cancer diagnosis.

What is Breast MRI?

Using powerful magnets, breast MRI produces images of breast tissue by detecting movements of atoms within the body. Breast MRI may be recommended along with conventional screening in certain women at high risk for developing breast cancer. Women may also be referred for breast MRI following an “abnormal” mammogram. After an MRI is done, the radiologist can assess whether or not a woman should be biopsied to determine whether breast cancer is present.

What is a Breast MRI-guided biopsy?

Using special computer software, Breast MRI enables image-guided biopsy. During a biopsy, a thin needle is used to withdraw a tissue sample for the purpose of testing. Tissue is then delivered to a laboratory where it is evaluated by a pathologist under a microscope to determine whether a mass is benign or cancerous. Images produced by MRI allow physicians to precisely locate and guide biopsy needles to the exact location of a mass within the breast.

MRI uses powerful magnets to take clear pictures of soft tissues. That means no radiation is used during the procedure. MRI-guided breast biopsies are less costly, noninvasive, cause less tissue damage and take less time than surgical biopsies. According to the American Cancer Society, when women get diagnosed early they have a greater chance of survival. MRI-guided breast biopsies can assist in early detection.